Live In Concert 1976

Disc 1

    Title Length
  1. Ballroom Blitz 4:02
  2. Yesterday's Rain 5:09
  3. Someone Else Will / Blockbuster 5:44
  4. Burn On The Flame / Healer 7:00
  5. Keep It In 2:40
  6. The Lies In Your Eyes 3:26
  7. The Six Teens 4:51
  8. Turn It Down 3:31
  9. Action 4:05
  10. Set Me Free 4:02
  11. Fox On The Run 4:00

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By Jadran 29.05.2015

Although bootleg edition this recording has it\'s quality. First of all it\'s a document of an energetic band rose out of Glam movement, which also undoubtedly buried their bubble gum pop period. Well, they did that much earlier, in 1973, and the famous \'Rainbow\' concert that appeared on Strung Up album. This one lacks better mix and production but on the other hand shows how \'crazy\' and loud Sweet were in their top period. Here we have the mixture of all their best rock albums; from Sweet F.A. over Desolation Boulevard to Give us a Wink, eleven furious songs from the unique band of the 70\'s that was capable to pack pop, rock, punk,.. into one raw and furious concert. Very good vinyl pressing is a bonus.

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Live In Concert 1976

Live In Concert 1976

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